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We spread your money across a wide range of property loans helping you reduce risk and earn returns of up to 7% per year.

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We've designed three investments with different risk profiles, allowing you to easily pick one that's right for you.

Cautious - 3%

Aims for modest returns, with minimum risk

3% per year

Balanced - 5%

Aims for more returns, with a bit more risk

5% per year

Adventurous - 7%

Aims for higher returns, with higher risk

7% per year

The returns stated are not guaranteed.
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Capital is at risk. Investments are illiquid. No FSCS cover. Tax rules apply. See Risks.

Investments are high risk. Capital is at risk. Underlying investments are highly illiquid. No FSCS protection. Tax rules apply and may be subject to change. See Risks.