A different kind of ISA

Our property ISA allows you to earn up to 7% without having to face the volatility of the stock market.

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Choose an ISA that suits you

We've designed three ISAs with different risk profiles, allowing you to easily pick an investment that's right for you.

Cautious - 3%

Designed for people who like to be careful with their money

3% per year

Balanced - 5%

Designed for people who are looking for the best of both worlds

5% per year

Adventurous - 7%

Designed for people looking to be a bit bolder with their money

7% per year

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Why get a property ISA?

  • Better returns: Earn up to 7% per year
  • Secured: All your money is secured against UK property
  • Stable: Property is historically less volatile than the stock market
  • Tax-free: Invest with your 2018/19 £20,000 ISA allowance

Property expertise powered by data

Our team combine data with years of property experience to spread your money across a range of property-backed loans, helping you effectively reduce risk and maximise returns.

Investing made simple

Use your dashboard to keep track of your investments. After 12-months, we’ll pay back your money plus any profit you’ve made, directly into your account. Plus, if you invest through an ISA, all your returns are completely tax-free.

Capital at risk. Returns not guaranteed. Tax rules apply. See Key Risks.

Capital at risk. Investments may go down as well as up. Returns not guaranteed. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and is subject to change.